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Corporate and General Business Law

The Corporate and Business Law attorneys at Dubyak Nelson provide clients of all sizes, from individuals and entrepreneurial start-ups to large institutional clients, with advice and representation in the formation and structuring of business entities, the relationships among the participants in business entities, the financing of such entities, the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, the acquisition or sale of business assets or entire businesses, debtor/creditor rights, federal taxation of individuals and business entities, secured transactions, employment issues and business litigation including partnership disputes and dissolutions.
The advice and representation provided by our attorneys in these areas spans the statutory and common law, as well as strategic and business considerations, related to the functioning of business entities (corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies), the rights and responsibilities of participants in those entities, and the construction and enforcement of contracts. Our business attorneys are especially proud to provide essential support to the entrepreneurial spirit of Northeast Ohio's many closely-held and family-owned businesses, combining sound business planning with long term tax, estate and business succession planning needs.
The matters addressed by our attorneys frequently involve legal issues that fall within the expertise of other attorneys and practice groups within the firm, and accordingly, our attorneys work collaboratively with those attorneys to ensure that the client receives comprehensive advice, on a timely, efficient and integrated basis, with respect to all relevant substantive legal issues.
Our Corporate and Business Law Group is both large enough to provide the breadth of expertise and level of diversification needed to serve all of our business clients' needs, while remaining small enough to offer responsive, personalized and cost-effective representation, a combination that provides significant value to our clients.
If you would like additional information regarding the legal services provided by the Corporate and Business Group attorneys at Dubyak Nelson, please contact Doug Nelson at 216-364-0500 or dnelson@dubyaknelson.com.

Commercial and Business Litigation

Dubyak Nelson represents clients in a range of business disputes, including complex commercial cases, shareholder and partnership disputes, commercial real estate cases, copyright, trademark and licensing, construction, and unfair trade and unfair competition matters. Our attorneys draw upon many years of experience and skill to provide swift, effective representation to our business clients. Dubyak Nelson has extensive experience in quickly obtaining pre-judgment injunctive relief, moving for and opposing dispositive motions and aggressively gathering and preserving evidence for our clients' cases. Our attorneys have significant experience representing clients in complex civil litigation matters in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Always cognizant of our client's needs, our attorneys work fast and diligently to insure that the needs of our clients are met and the best and most reliable result possible is obtained. If you would like additional information regarding the legal services provided by the Commercial and Business Litigation attorneys at Dubyak Nelson, please contact Rob Dubyak at 216-364-0501 or rdubyak@dubyaknelson.com.

Real Estate Law

The approach taken by the real estate attorneys at Dubyak Nelson is straightforward, simple, and, most importantly, client-focused. Our attorneys start each transaction by carefully listening to the client in order to understand his or her business objectives. They then balance the risk/reward aspects of various legal strategies, and advise the client accordingly. That advice is based not only on our attorneys' substantive knowledge of applicable areas of law such as traditional real estate law, zoning, land use, financing, and leasing, but also related areas such as corporate law, securities law, banking law and the uniform commercial code, where we regularly turn to our colleagues in relevant practice areas for expert advice and counsel. Ultimately, the efficient and cost-effective completion of a transaction is our true measure of success, as it is for our clients.
Our Real Estate Law practice includes, but is not limited to, counseling and advising individuals, businesses, and professional groups with respect to the ownership, purchase, development and sale of real estate, like-kind exchanges, boundary disputes, easements, real estate valuation and taxation, the creation of real estate trusts and zoning matters. Our attorneys also represent lenders and developers in negotiating, structuring, and documenting commercial, retail, residential, and industrial transactions and developments including manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, office and apartment buildings, hotels and business and industrial parks and represent landlords and tenants with respect to the negotiation of leases.
If you would like additional information regarding the legal services provided by the Real Estate Group attorneys at Dubyak Nelson, please contact Doug Nelson at 216-364-0511 or at dnelson@dubyaknelson.com

Employment Law

Employment Law

The Employment attorneys at Dubyak Nelson have extensive experience in handling a broad range of employment related matters for employers as well as employees. For our business clients, we draft all necessary employment related documents including employee handbooks, employment contracts, confidentiality and non-compete agreements as well as severance agreements. In addition, we conduct training seminars for clients’ staff and management teams on a host of subjects including harassment, discrimination, retaliation and wage and hour issues. While our primary goal is to resolve employment disputes without judicial intervention, when necessary, we skillfully and efficiently represent employers in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies, in matters involving employment disputes, trade secret and non-compete issues.

Dubyak Nelson also represents employees, including doctors, attorneys, and business executives, in negotiating both their employment contracts as well as severance agreements. In addition, we have successfully represented clients who have been the victim of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. If you would like additional information regarding the legal services provided by the Employment attorneys at Dubyak Nelson, please contact Rob Dubyak at 216-364-0501 or rdubyak@dubyaknelson.com.

Estate Planning and Probate

Most people, regardless of the extent of their assets, are concerned with developing a plan that will transfer their property at death. In fact, the development of such a plan is crucial to most families' long-term financial security. Our clients come to us for the full spectrum of trust and estate issues including (i) the preparation of estate planning documents including: wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, advance health care directives; (ii) sophisticated estate and gift planning strategies including: family limited partnerships, charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts, life insurance trusts, grantor retained annuity and unitrusts, qualified personal residence trusts and sales to intentionally defective grantor trusts; (iii) business succession planning; (iv) tax planning, including charitable giving and tax-exempt organizations; (v) administration of decedents' trusts and estates, including advising executors, personal representatives, and trustees, and by serving in those capacities directly; and (vi) probate litigation.
Our attorneys are skilled at working with individuals and families to deliver a high level of service and expertise in a cost-effective manner. Where appropriate, we also work with lawyers from other practice areas within the firm when their expertise is relevant. Some frequent examples of this involve work with the corporate and business group in business succession matters, and co-counseling in contested probate matters with members of our commercial and business litigation group. When you engage Dubyak Nelson for trust and estate services, you can be assured that the full resources of the firm will be available to provide whatever assistance is needed with respect to your legal matter. If you would like additional information regarding the legal services provided by the Estate Planning Group attorneys at Dubyak Nelson, please contact Doug Nelson at 216-364-0511 or at dnelson@dubyaknelson.com.

Personal Injury Law - Dubyak Nelson LLC

Personal Injury

Dubyak Nelson has an of-counsel relationship with the premier Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice law firm of Elk & Elk Co., Ltd. The attorneys at Elk & Elk have been providing the highest quality legal representation to injury victims throughout the state of Ohio for nearly 50 years. During this time, the attorneys have focused on building their resources, expanding their knowledge and developing an extensive network. Doing so has allowed them to recover some of the largest settlements and verdicts ever seen in Ohio. To learn more about Elk & Elk, click on the link below or contact Rob Dubyak at 216-364-0501 or rdubyak@dubyaknelson.com.


Elk & Elk
Creditor / Debitor Practice

Creditor / Debtor Practice

Our experienced commercial collections attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in legal practice, and decades of background and knowledge in matters of commercial and consumer collections, creditors’ rights, loan documentation and secured lending transactions.

Our attorneys can pursue your legal rights through these and other methods:

  • Foreclosure
  • Receivership
  • Wage garnishments
  • Bank attachments
  • Replevin / other attachments
  • Fraudulent transfer lawsuits
  • Creditors’ bill lawsuits
  • Relief of stay (in consumer and business bankruptcies)
  • Representation at debtors’ exams

We represent secured and unsecured creditors in Bankruptcies. This representation includes appearing on your behalf at all hearings, 2004 exams, and meeting with the trustee and other stakeholders in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

We also counsel clients on aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), as well as federal and state statutes relating to collecting debts.

Estate / Probate / Family Law Practice

Areas of our family law representation include: contested and uncontested divorce, marital dissolution, legal separation, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, post-decree modifications, post-decree enforcement, prenuptial agreements, and asset division – including Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) that alter ownership of pensions and retirement plans.

We advise and represent clients in the fast moving legal areas of estate planning and probate administration. Our services in this area consist of drafting, reviewing and defending through litigation in a variety of estate planning documents including wills, powers of attorney and trusts (revocable and irrevocable). We also help clients to complete the legal steps to enable guardianships, conservatorships and adoptions, as well as to fulfill all duties related to estate administration.